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Misty Gaitens – Custom Print Vinyl Wall Mural – Ocean Scene

Misty Gaitens - Custom Print Vinyl Wall Mural - Ocean Scene image

Project Description It’s hard to find the correct words to describe your excellent service; not only was your handling perfect, but the price was right, the mural was delivered on time, the requested lay-out was perfectly applied and the print is of outstanding quality.. Thank you so much, you made our weekend and the pleasure […]

Origin Wallpapers

WALLPAPERS IN WORKSPACES!In today’s modern world, a workspace needs to be more than functional to keep an employee engaged and productive. Modern workspaces are designed to be relaxing, inspirational, or motivational, for both the staff and the patrons. Excellent decor like the wallpapers Grafix Wall Art produces, can help attract more clients, as well as […]

Make Your New Rental a Home Without Forfeiting the Bond

With the price of buying a house becoming more and more unobtainable for some, it is more common for people to rent. However, when you envision your dream home chances are you weren’t dreaming of blank walls, small rooms and horrible wall colours. Unfortunately that is the reality these days with renting an apartment or […]

Exam Time is Just Around the Corner!

Let’s get one thing straight. Your adolescent doesn’t want to be studying right now, they want to be outside with their friends, seeing a movie, playing sport or just anything besides studying right? The pressure that students are put under can be extremely overwhelming at times -but like being at the gym, you sometimes need that […]