Changing Rooms

Personalised walls are now hugely trending in great interior design. And wall murals make it easy for the homeowner to bring out their “inner designer”!
Once the domain of decorators with large budgets, affordable murals are now available and made in NZ.
They are becoming a popular choice for nurseries and kids’ rooms right through to teenage dens, not only in their own homes but also their grandparents’ and caregivers’ homes too!


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Kitchens, dining rooms, laundries, stairways – there is no room that won’t benefit from a feature wall mural. Small spaces can look larger, dark spaces can be made brighter, and large, impersonal walls can have a personality injection.

Murals provide a fashionable alternative to the traditional plain painted or wallpapered feature walls. There are endless possibilities of design and images available – bringing true meaning to the word “individual”. Even personal photos or images can be custom-made into a mural!

There’s a choice between using HP Prepasted wallpaper -the most affordable option which is removed just by washing down with a wet sponge or Phototex – a high-quality self-adhesive textile which is removable and reusable! There’s no skill involved – and no tools required!

Using the Phototex option installation is super-easy – this super-strong textile with high-resolution printing is self-adhesive – and the mural can be removed easily with no damage to the walls beneath and put into storage or re-hung elsewhere.
Altering the appearance of rooms  is easy if there is a change in taste or fashion. Children’s rooms can easily adapt as they grow.

Phototex 2

Murals are the perfect choice for tenants who wish to turn their rental property into a home without damaging its walls. And even better, they can be removed and taken to the next house!
Till next time!
Christine x
PS. Check out our online catalogue here or call Christine on (09) 532 8733 to discuss how you can use your own images for your very own customised wall mural ?
And we haven’t forgotten the businesses! Take advantage of our June offer to brand your office or shops walls so easily with your logos or images – ask us about our installation service

NB Some images shown in this blog are generic examples gathered from external sources simply for inspiration – please refer to the online catalogue at Grafix Wall Art for available murals[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]