6 Decals That Bring Nature Indoors!

22/07/15 — Many people these days are turning to expensive options to create an artistic flair or just some originality to the walls of their home that will show their guests part of their personality. It can be hard to not blow your budget on a big art piece but still have this unique look in your home without just simply painting your wall a different colour, which can often do the trick, but for some this is just not enough!

Grafix Wall Art can offer you a solution to your problem. (finally!) Because they know what you want is for your friends and family to turn their heads and admire the decor in your home. Tree wall decals are the perfect way to add a touch of nature and a hint of creativeness to your walls and transform your room into a work of art! These decals from Grafix Wall Art are super easy to apply and remove -anyone can do it!

NZ Cabbage Tree

For the nature lovers out there who are searching for a Kiwiana style, to liven up their space, you will love the native tree decals Grafix produces. This includes the Cabbage Tree, which is tall and slender and would be a great piece to place next to your couch or in the corner of your room to make that boring, plain wall a unique work of art. The NZ Flax is also a beautiful piece that will bring a bit of the outside world into your home

NZ Flax

– or the stunning Toi Tois – with the birds flying above adding a summer look to the lovely decal.

Toi Tois at the beach image

And if you really want to show your native roots there is a stunning New Zealand Fern decal that will make heads turn.

NZ Fern Leaf image

The Leafy Tree decal that Grafix produces is a more chic and pretty design that would look perfect in a girls bedroom. Like the Toi Tois decal, the leafy tree provides shoppers with the bonus of including extra features to the decal – little butterflies flying around the tree and small flower buds on the branches. The spirals on the branches add a extra artistic flair that you just wouldn’t get the same effect with if you were to paint a tree onto your wall.

Leafy Tree image

The final tree that will show off your secret love of the outdoors is the Birdcage in a Tree. This tree is a definite statement that Grafix knows you want to achieve. If you have a big plain wall then this is the decal that would sit perfectly there without being “in your face”. Birdcage in a Tree also comes with little birds flying around the tree and leaves that look like they’re falling off the branch which is absolutely stunning.

Birdcage in a Tree image

So why have a boring plain wall when you can place any of these amazing tree wall decals that are easy to apply, won’t take forever to paint onto your wall or cost a fortune?!
Grafix Wall Art is all about making your house look like a home, with their funky, creative and artistic wall decals. Check out more of their nature decals here.