Exam Time is Just Around the Corner!

Let’s get one thing straight. Your adolescent doesn’t want to be studying right now, they want to be outside with their friends, seeing a movie, playing sport or just anything besides studying right?

The pressure that students are put under can be extremely overwhelming at times -but like being at the gym, you sometimes need that extra motivation or somebody barking things in your ear just to keep you going, and to remind you what its all worth for. For some holistic ideas on how to beat exam stress here’s a great article on 10 Ways  to Beat Exam Time Stress

Grafix Wall Art provides a solution for all the students out there by producing some amazing motivational and inspiring quotes to help them get their growing minds back on track. Which lets face it, all of us need at some point in our lives one way or another.

Here are some wonderful quotes that will get them amped to study and ready to slay their exams!

wish it dream it do it in situ


For when they need reminding on how worth it their dreams really are.


The Best way to predict the future image


Do they want the best future they can possibly have? Then make it happen!


Don't-forget-to-breathe image


And for those who just can’t stop studying, take a breath! It will be over soon!


When life presents a challenge image


Because nobody is going to do it for them.


Never Never Never Give Up image


And when they really just feel like giving up, they can take a look up on their wall. They can do it!


Muhumad Ali - If my mind can achieve it image


Students really can achieve anything they’ve put their mind to.

Grafix Wall Art has a wide range of inspiring decals that you can see here.

So if you think your student needs extra help in reminding themselves what all of it’s worth for, then treat them by getting any of these beautifully designed motivational quotes that are very easy to apply and remove wall decals!