Self-Adhesive Polyester Fabric

We love using PhotoTex ™ – the original re-positional peel & stick polyester fabric.

Why? Because with two people you can install a full wall mural in under an hour with just your hands and a craft knife to trim top and bottom afterwards. No experience required!

Wallpapered or textured walls?

Photo Tex can be easily installed on virtually any reasonable surface and withstand different climate controls. So textured wallpapers are no problem to apply to – you don’t need to remove the wallpaper before putting up your new Phototex wall mural. Photo Tex does not peel, curl, rip or wrinkle indoors or outdoors and your mural can be moved and re-applied over and over again. We believe Phototex has the ONLY adhesive that does not weaken or strengthen over time and sticks to all Low and NO VOC paints .

Renting or Moving soon?

Phototex is so easy to peel off, stick it together, then move it to a new room and reapply. Guaranteed to not damage your existing walls. Paint will not get damaged and there will be no sticky residue left behind. It’s fantastic!

Stick for a day – Stick for a decade – still removes with no issues.

Phototex 1 image

  The ONLY material that has the ABILITY … • to stick indoors or outdoors (a liquid laminate is necessary) • to have anyone install this easy to peel & stick media, and then easily remove WITHOUT any damage or residue to your paintwork • to remove and put it up again in another room over and over again with the patent adhesive (adhesive never changes over time) • to wrap around corners and poles, even apply to ceilings • to withstand any temperature or climate change without shrinking or curling • to not rip or wrinkle • to butt the seams as Photo Tex does not shrink in any condition. (do not have to overlap) • is non-toxic, safe and biodegradable. • to use paint, magic markers for your own designs! If you want to see more installations click here to be taken to the Pinterest page


Installed Examples