Women on Water Weekend

Big, bold, beautiful boat signage – Grafix Wall Art’s cheeky twist on sailing regatta

Sailing – We’re crazy about it here at Grafix Wall Art! How much? Well, we sponsor a weekly yacht race, owner Christine is out on the water regularly racing and she’s also an active member of the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club keeler committee and other events. 

In fact, everywhere you look at the yacht club and marina – from the names on the boats in the marina berths to the directional signage on the sea walls – you’ll see decals by Grafix Wall Art. 

So when the chance came up to take a yacht up to Gulf Harbour Marina as part of the Women on Water regatta, Christine leaped at the chance.

Women on Water Regatta 2024

‘WoW’ is this incredible three-day event that gives women of all ages and boating experience the opportunity to give sailing a go while having loads of fun. We went last year and just loved it!’ – explore some of the remarkable photos from this year’s event.

Between the 15th-17th March, the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club was buzzing with energy as over 130 women participated in the Evolution Sails Women on Water Weekend (WOWW). It wasn’t just another sailing event; it was about women stepping into a sport that hasn’t always seen an equal balance at the helm.

A fellow yacht club member kindly gave Chrssy & her all-female crew the loan of Crowded House, a Young 88 with quite a racing pedigree. Fun fact: the yacht was once sailed and used extensively by Kiwi yacht legend Dean Barker

In the spirit of the event – women having fun sailing – the crew decided they wanted to rename the yacht Crowded Blouse. It was a tongue-in-cheek concept that I knew would be easy to pull off with the smart use of decals used in strategic places, says Christine.

Given the beauty and simplicity of using decals, the pink lettering and cheeky black slash, like all Grafix wall art, were  easily applied  over the existing signage – and of course, can be just as simply removed now the event is over. Mind you, when we last passed the yacht – moored snuggly in its marina berth – the signage is still there! Maybe the owner likes all the attention his renamed vessel’s been getting so far.

How did Grafix Wall Art contribute?

Grafix Wall Art has worked on many yacht projects using decals as affordable marine signage solutions. But this one was extra fun, catching the eye of the promoters, a prominent sailing website who used a picture of Crowded Blouse as the lead image for the event, and bringing smiles to everyone else who saw the yacht.

‘This project wasn’t big but it’s a great example of how decals can really make an impact – we wanted a temporary solution to signage that wouldn’t cost the earth but would really turn heads and make people chuckle. I reckon Grafix Wall Art achieved that and more!’’