Click on any of the ‘Start Your Design’ buttons on this page to start creating your unique mural using one of your own images, or something equally fabulous from our Fotolia image collection.

From there simply follow the steps outlined in the video below and once you’re finished, the design is sent to Grafix Wall Art for printing. We will then get in touch with you prior to putting your design into production. 

If at any stage you have any questions or require any assistance we are more than happy to help.

Before you get started here’s a quick overview of what to expect.

How it all works?

Create a Wall Mural using Your Photos or 1000’s of Existing Designs!

Wall Murals are an affordable way to add inspiration to your spaces. Please note:- This link isonly suitable for PC usage. If you are viewing this page on a tablet you will need to download the HPWallArt app (available for both Apple and Android products) and use the code #215614

Follow the steps

STEP 1: Enter Room Size

STEP 2: Configure Your Room

STEP 3: Pick a Content Source

STEP 4: Add Images & Text

STEP 5: Save Your Project

STEP 6: Place Your Order