Decorate your bedroom using decals – a quick guide

Fast, easy, creative and affordable. Unlike paint or wallpaper, wall decals aren’t permanent. Using decals is a great way to really give your bedroom character and ambiance – the decor you choose is limited only by your imagination. 

How to choose the right decals for your bedroom

What theme or style are you going through?

Bedrooms are highly personal spaces, places to relax, rest and recharge. Consider nature inspired designs – for example, a peaceful botanical mural will add an immediate sense of serenity to your space, geometric patterns can add a funky retro feel, favourite quotes on the wall are a great reminder to start – and end – your night inspired, and what about a map of the world to promote sweet dreams and wanderlust? These are just a few ideas. For more, browse Grafix Wall Art’s online shop for ready-to-go decal inspiration. Or why not really personalise your sanctuary by commissioning the Grafix team to create your own custom decal, made from your favourite photo, printed on your choice of easy to apply materials and custom printed to your wall measurements.

What is your bedroom’s colour scheme?

Choose decals that will harmonise with your existing colour scheme. Neutral tones add subtle elegance, bold colors are more dramatic. Too fussy designs will clash if you have a lot of texture in your decor already such as embellished bed linen and pieces of art.

What size space are you working with?

Look at the dimensions of your room in relation to the decals you plan for it. Large decals will create a focal point, smaller ones can be used to create a pattern, a border, a subtle injection of personal style.

5 ideas to get your started on your bedroom wall art

  1. Decal bedhead – place a large, eye-catching decal behind your bed to double as a headboard. Geometric vintage patterns, more ornate designs or even a simple, solid shape can work well and add an interesting sense of visual dimension. 
  2. Feature wall – installed on just one wall, this will create maximum impact and make a statement. You’re limited only by your imagination. A native forest scene, a seascape, your favourite beach, the sun and the moon, the most amazing holiday destination you ever visited – use wall art to really set the scene in your bedroom.
  3. Layer & overlap decals – create depth and interest by layering multiple decals, For example, you can add a tree then birds and flowers overlapping for a textured, visually stimulating effect.
  4. Elements of surprise – ceilings and corners are often forgotten in bedroom decor schemes. Use stars and clouds and blue sky to create a whimsical effect as you look up or use a bare corner to showcase your spirituality with a bible verse decal.
  5. Interactive elements – Chalkboard decals of calendars and to-do lists help you stay organised – place one in your bedroom and you’ll be inspired to plan your day before you hit the sack. Or how about a map of the world to track your travel dreams and remind you of all the exotic locations you’ve yet to visit?

3 tips to place your decals perfectly

  1. Prepare your surface by ensuring it’s dry and smooth. Wipe walls with a damp cloth, let it dry completely before applying your wall art.
  2. Before placing the decals, position them with masking tape so you can visualise the layout. 
  3. Apply: Please follow the instructions provided with your decals! But it’s usually as simple as peeling the backing off, applying the decal to the wall and smoothing out any bubbles with a squeegee.

Looking after your precious bedroom decals – easy as

Gently wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials; these could damage the wall art.

Removing your bedroom decals

The beauty of wall art is that you can change the look and feel of your bedroom easily and affordably. Removing decals is easy – just carefully peel them off and remove any residue with mild soap and water. Grafix Wall Art decals are a quality product which means they are designed to be removed with damaging painted surfaces.