How to remove decals off a car window

That Stick Family sticker on your back car window once looked sooo cool but now? Well, it doesn’t. Or do you want to get rid of that dated dealership label?  Whatever but how do you remove decals safely, easily and without damage?

Let’s go! Here are 4 easy steps to remove decals off car windows:

  1. Clean the decal using a sponge and warm soapy water. This will stop any dirt and debris scratching your car’s paint when that adhesive residue starts rubbing off. For the best results, take your car through the carwash first.


  2. Heat the decal you want to remove using a hairdryer. You’ll need to use it at its highest heat setting. This will weaken and loosen the adhesive, but make sure you distribute the heat evenly through the sticker so the edges heat up. Give this step a good 2 minutes. An alternative is to use boiling water – but this can be messy, not to mention unsafe so we don’t recommend that.


  3. Then, quickly grab an old plastic card like a rewards or debit card and use it to release the edges of the decal so it’s easy to peel off. You can also use a razor blade to scrape the decal off but you’ll need to hold the blade parallel to the glass and use small strokes to avoid scratching the glass.


  4. To remove any adhesive residue, use white vinegar or a citrus based window cleaner. Or you could use a more heavy duty product like WD40 (available at hardware stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10) – just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.