How are removable wall decals made?

How are removable wall decals made?

Grafix Wall Art: we’re seriously your one stop shop when it comes to wall decals and art. You simply give us your existing graphics, logos, ideas, whatever and we’ll help you bring them to life, from start to finish. Easy as. 

But, if you’ve ever wondered about the process involved of actually making wall decals, read on.

What base material is used to make removable wall decals?

A vinyl or fabric substrate is often used. Vinyl is great because it’s so hard-wearing and flexible. Fabric can provide a softer feel 

How are wall decals designed and printed?

Depending on the job, we print the designs onto the base material using digital printing, screen printing or offset printing.  Grafix Wall Art designers will often start with a high quality photo or sketch. For crisp, high quality, detailed images, it’s hard to go past digital. We use the latest technology,  high quality ink and other materials to ensure your decals have the wow factor. During the design process you may have to provide accurate measurements of the room or wall your decal will attach to – this will stop any excess material waste. The decals are then cut to  specific size and shape using a special machine,

How about the adhesive layer – how is it protected until it’s ready for application? 

Well, this is applied to the back of the printed material – Grafix Wall Art uses a specially formulated adhesive so that it sticks well to painted walls and other surfaces but when it’s removed, won’t leave any residue or damage your paintwork. This is particularly important if you’re in rented accommodation or want to switch up your decor from time to time.

A backing material is applied to the adhesive side to protect it until it’s ready to be applied.

Easy to follow instructions – an important part of making removable wall decals.

All of our wall decals come up with simple installation guidelines, like  preparing wall surfaces so that they are clean and dry to avoid any bubbles or wrinkles. Depending on the size of the job, and location, the Grafix team may be able to come out and help with installation.

Basic steps to follow for installing a wall decal.

Before you begin, take a deep breath! You’ll need to be patient, relaxed – and careful.

Smooth surface: Removable wall decals stick best to smooth walls.

Clean and dry wall: Any dust and dirt will affect how well the decal sticks to it.

Flip the decal over: Lay it face down and fold back the edge of the release liner.

Start application: Apply exposed adhesive to the wall.

Remove liner: Gradually remove the liner and smooth te decal onto the wall using a squeegee to smooth the material and avoid bubble or wrinkles

Celebrate: Doesn’t it look fab?

Note: Layered and complex decals may need transfer tape to ensure a more accurate application.