Make Your New Rental a Home Without Forfeiting the Bond

With the price of buying a house becoming more and more unobtainable for some, it is more common for people to rent. However, when you envision your dream home chances are you weren’t dreaming of blank walls, small rooms and horrible wall colours. Unfortunately that is the reality these days with renting an apartment or house. Typical don’ts the landlords place are; don’t hammer any nails or wall hangers, don’t change your curtains or major furniture, don’t repaint etc etc. Breaking these seemingly harmless “rules” can lead to very harmful financial consequences like losing your bond.

Although it may seem like your landlord is trying to stop your interior design flair, they are just protecting themselves. You may not even live there for that long so they need their property in perfect condition for the next tenant that comes along.

However, all hope is not lost! Grafix Wall Art produces amazing wall decals and murals that create a loop hole to your decor problems so you can still make your new house a home without forfeiting your bond. They specialise in materials that do not damage your walls on removal and are easy to apply yourself without the need for a specialist (read $$) installer.


Wall Decals

Birdcage in a Tree image

Wall decals are a super affordable, fun way to splash a bit of your personality upon the walls of your house. If you’re looking for a fast way to spruce up the house and add the look of having painted something onto your wall, vinyl wall decals offer you the best of both worlds, being easy to apply and remove meaning your wall will not be damaged, but long lasting in the event that you like the look and want to keep it for a long span of time.

Grafix uses  top quality vinyl that has been specifically designed to apply to walls – Oracal WallArt. This self-adhesive vinyl will last much longer and has a fantastic range of vibrant or muted colours compared to cheaper alternatives. You can choose from a vast range of options from a silhouette of a native plant of New Zealand, to intricate designs and even to inspiring quotes. Grafix even provides the opportunity for your to become the true designer you’ve always dreamed of and create a piece of artwork of your own to put on your wall!

Here are some examples of the fun and fantastic wall decals Grafix produces;

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Wall Murals

Forest Walk image

Wall Murals completely change the way you will view a room in your house whether you’re looking to add a touch of pattern, or a damp, green, mossy forest floor, the beautiful sea side, or if you simply don’t like the colour of your wall then Grafix has the answer for you. Wall Murals are easy to apply if you are provided with the correct instructions and equipment you need, which is exactly what Grafix does. And if you still can’t do it, one of our team will be sure to help you get that amazing mural up on your wall in no time!

We offer two material options that remove cleanly and easily –  Phototex and HP PVC-Free Prepasted Wallpaper

Phototex installation is a breeze with a no glue,  no mess, no bubbles application method that anyone can master. You can even move it to a different wall if you want to change which room the murals in and removal is a piece of cake whether its been up for two years or ten. It simply pulls off cleanly without damage or residue!

The HP Wallpaper is simply dipped in water and put up on the wall. When it’s time to leave, simply sponge down the wall with water the the wallpaper peels away – again without damage!


Wall Murals create the illusion of being in a different environment or you can showcase a fabulous design you may have created. Thats right, you can even get a customised mural of your own!

Here is some of the Wall Murals Grafix produces, and try not to buy them all!

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If these beautiful examples above aren’t doing anything for you then take a look at Grafix Wall Art’s website here, they have a huge selection of decals, stickers and murals you can choose from.

So if your new house is in need of some serious DIY interior decorating then look no further then Grafix Wall Art, where you will find affordable, easy to apply and remove, fun wall decorations!