Nosy neighbours? Or do you just like to walk around your home in the buff!

Here’s your stylish answer – computer-cut designs and made-to-measure privacy film for the front door glass panels in your home.

We use an Easy-Apply etched glass vinyl with a slight silver sparkle through it.

Apply it on the inside or exterior side of the glass (we recommend the inside)

It is made to size, then Application Tape is applied over the top to make it easy to install. You peel off a small section of the backing paper from the top, position in place, then gradually pull down the backing paper and squeegee it into place as you go.

Once it is stuck to the glass, you remove the top application tape and enjoy your new found freedom!

(Squeegee and instructions supplied with your order)


Front Door Privacy Panels – Pasifika


The panel is 200cm high.  Enter the width to fit your glass panel up to 30cm

If you have different dimensions than shown here please contact us for a quote.

FREE squeegee to help with the application is supplied with your order.

Enter the width of your panel in millimetres