Your custom design on your laptop! Protect your laptop with quality bubble-free skins printed here in New Zealand and shipped within 2 days.

Laptop Skin | Custom Design


Show off your personal style and design and create your own custom laptop skin.

Simply up load your design (PDF or JPG) via the link below and we’ll print it to fit.

Form-fitting vinyl decal sticker for your laptop. Advise the make and model number in the text box and it will be made to size.

We print these skins for MAC’s, ChromeBooks, Lenovo, Dell, HP etc

  • Printed here in New Zealand and dispatched within 2 days
  • Provides resistance to minor scratches
  • Gloss and satin finish provides intense, vibrant colors and sharp line detail
  • Premium quality air-release vinyl decal sticker for easy, bubble-free installation. Simply peel and stick.
  • Easily removable with no sticky residue
  • Thickness <1mm
  • Weight <5g

Your laptop make and model number *

Upload your art or Photo *

(max file size 2 GB)