All you need to hang your work of art Skatedeck on your wall.

The kit contains 9 pieces
– a)  base plate
– b) wall screw and wall mate plug
– c) 2 x chrome mounting bolts
– d) 2 x nuts and end-caps
You will need:-
• Electric drill or
• Screwdriver
• 1.5mm OR  8mm drill bit
1/. Remove screw (b) from mount.  Use a pencil to mark desired position on the wall.
*  Direct into gib-board
     – Predrill hole using the 8mm drillbit
     – Screw in the wallmate plug
     – Screw the base plate on.
*  Direct into wall stud
     – Predrill a hole 1.5mm
     – Screw the base plate into wall  (you do not need the wallmate plug)
2/. Undo the top end-caps and place your skateboard onto the bolts using the top set of holes.
     Screw on the end caps fully.   To secure the deck, tighten the back nuts hard up against the board.
 Sit back and enjoy your piece of art!

Skateboard Art Wall Mounting Kit


Delivered ex-stock from Auckland,  these wall mount kits make displaying your skateboard art a breeze.

Made from durable nylon base block, the kit comes with all the hardware necessary to hang your board!

Instructions are provided with the kit.