Falala kia Sihova ?aki ho loto kotoa;

pea ?oua na?a ke fa?aki ki ho poto ?o?ou.

Ke ke fakaongoongo kiate ia ?i ho hala kotoa p?,

pea ?e fakatonutonu ?e ia ho ngaahi ?alu?anga.

– Palovepi 3: 5-6

All our decals are made from specialised wallart vinyl that is easy to apply and easy to remove.

Your decal will come to you in three layers; the bottom backing paper, then the computer cut vinyl decal, and lastly on top, a clear application tape that holds all the letters and parts in place.
To put it simply, you take off the backing paper, apply the decal to the wall, then remove the top application tape, and you are left with a piece of art that looks like it was painted on your wall!

The decal is removable but not re-useable.

Tongan Falala kia Sihova – Proverbs 3: 5-6


Let us produce your favourite scripture in your indigenous language!

The photo is a representative only. Please measure the area you want to place your decal and order the correct size.