Miss Marleys Peonies are printed on Phototex

  • Easy to apply – no air bubbles and repositionable
  • Easy to remove – removable adhesive sticks strongly but comes off cleanly
  • No Mess – no glues or pastes, no brushes or water trays! Because the material is self-adhesive just peel off the backing paper and stick it on the wall!
  • Bright Colours – Prints with bright vibrant colours
  • Quick to Install – installed in just 20 minutes with no clean-up required.
  • Reusable – Can be reused many times and even after being scrunched into a ball the graphic can be reapplied smoothly
  • Crease Free – Creases are smoothed out easily when reapplied

Miss Marleys Peonies – Large Decals


We selected the most beautiful collection of peonies as singles and bunches printed in lovely pink, cream and white watercolours then computer cut to shape.

The material we use is the fully repositionable and reuseable Phototex that is a dream to just peel and stick. If you change your mind on the positions or room, peel them off and stick again in the new place!

The collection contains:-

2 bunches 70cm wide and 80cm wide

5 small roses approx 28cm wide (3 Pink and 2 White)

4 medium roses approx 35cm wide ( 2 each colour)

2 large roses approx 50cm wide (1 of each colour)