Available as Pre-pasted Wallpaper or Phototext material. See product description below for more information on each.

Ready to ship off the shelves in 2 set sizes but can be made to fit any wall. Send us a product enquiry below with your wall size for pricing.

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HP Wallpaper

Perfect for renters! This eco-friendly wallpaper goes up and comes down with just water.

  • Easy to apply – your wallpaper comes in pre-numbered panels and instructions showing you exactly how to hang;/li>
  • Eco-friendly – HP PVC wallpaper is solvent and PVC-free providing an odourless environment on re-cycled materials
  • Easy to remove – comes down with just water and a sponge. No marks or hard to remove residue is left behind
  • No special tools required – just water, a sponge and a level
  • Custom measured – simply provide your wall dimensions and we’ll make it too fit your room.


  • Easy to apply – no air bubbles and repositionable
  • Easy to remove – removable adhesive sticks strongly but comes off cleanly
  • No Mess – no glues or pastes, no brushes or water trays! Because the material is self-adhesive just peel off the backing paper and stick it on the wall!
  • Bright Colours – Prints with bright vibrant colours
  • Quick to Install – Wide panels (150cm) are easy to install. Your wall mural can be installed in just 20 minutes with no clean-up required. Most walls will only need 3 panels
  • Reusable – Can be reused many times and even after being scrunched into a ball ;
    the graphic can be reapplied smoothly
  • Crease Free – Creases are smoothed out easily when reapplied
  • Custom measured – simply provide your wall dimensions and we’ll make it to fit your room