Your Childs Name

Personalise your child’s bedroom with easy to apply wall vinyl.

All wall decals are easy to apply and easily removed without leaving any damage to your surfaces.

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All our decals are made here in NZ and cut from coloured vinyl not printed onto transparent film like some decals, so the effect is a fantastic hand-painted finish.

The decal comes with a FREE SQUEEGEE and instructions on how to apply the wall art. It is removable but not reusable.

100% money back guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of my product.

Shipping information: 

International Shipping: 5 – 10+ working days

Shipping to Australia: 3 – 5 working days

Wall Decal | Your Childs Name


Personalise your child’s bedroom with easy to apply and easily removable vinyl wall graphics. These wall decals give a hand painted look to walls, windows, glass, tiles or mirrors and are perfect for either long- or short-term use.

Vinyl Wall Decal 

Features: Versatile – can be placed on painted walls, glass, tiles, or any other flat surface. New Zealand made.

The decal comes in two pieces and two colours.

Letter Colour (colour 1)
Name Colour (colour 2)

Size: Please measure the area you want to place your decal and order the correct size.

Small: 40cm (w)

Medium: 60cm (w)

Large: 80cm (w)

Extra Large: 100cm (w)

Choose the sizing you wish from the dropbox and pick from our large range of 37 colours. We cut in order to suit your needs to best suit your space. Please ensure you measure the space you are wishing to cover before purchasing!

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